Zeus Returns to Throne 1,500 Years Later with Stratasys 3D Printing

A fifth-century BC Greek statue, so massive and revered it was tagged as one of the “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World,” is being replicated – slightly smaller – by Stratasys 3D printers. The 3D printed version of the Statue of Zeus at OIympia, based on the original created by the sculptor Phidias in 422 BC, will be the centerpiece of a new exhibit at Atlanta’s Millenium Gate Museum, timed for the opening of the 2016 Olympics. Entitled “The Games: Ancient Olympia to Atlanta to Rio,” the exhibition opens August 20, 2016 and runs until January 2, 2017, and it features Greek artifacts from The Hearst Castle Collection in San Simeon, California, and the Michael C. Carlos Museum in Atlanta, Georgia. Continue reading

Watch IN(3D)USTRY Keynote on the Role of 3D Printing in Industry 4.0

The recent IN(3D)USTRY event in Barcelona brought together industry users, manufacturers and service providers to discuss 3D printing’s role in building more efficient, value-added manufacturing processes. Speaking on behalf of Stratasys, VP Ben Lazarus described the different ways 3D printing is being implemented to improve production and help businesses gain a competitive advantage. And he gave examples of the growing importance of 3D printing in Industry 4.0 as it continues to become more integrated in conventional manufacturing processes – transforming how we design, manufacture and work in the 21st century. Continue reading

Customized 3D Printed Medical Models Enhance Surgical Training at CBMTI

3D printing is making a profound difference at the University of Malaya’s Centre for Biomedical and Technology Integration (CBMTI). CBMTI uses Stratasys’ PolyJet 3D Printing technology to deliver a range of services including custom medical implants, prototypes for new devices and patient-specific models for surgical planning. But perhaps the greatest impact is in creating sophisticated training simulators for clinical procedures. Continue reading

Björk Performs in Neri Oxman Designed 3D Printed Mask

Björk Performs in Neri Oxman Designed 3D Printed Mask

The Icelandic music and film icon Björk has taken yet another fashion-forward step. Before an invitation-only audience at Tokyo’s Miraikan Museum, Björk performed in a 3D printed mask designed by MIT professor, designer and innovator Neri Oxman. Inspired by Björk’s most recent album, Vulnicura, Oxman, renowned in design circles for her use of 3D printing and biomimicry in particular, used 3D scans of Björk’s face to create digital interpretations of her bone and tissue structure. The customized design was brought to life using Stratasys’ unique full-color, multi-material 3D printing technology. Continue reading

Stratasys Shaping Future of Manufacturing at European Business Summit

Ben Lazarus, Stratasys, speaks with Corina Cre?u, EU Commissioner for Regional Policy, and MEP Andrey Novakov

Ben Lazarus, Stratasys, speaks with Corina Cre?u, EU Commissioner for Regional Policy, and MEP Andrey Novakov

The European Business Summit (EBS) is one of the largest business policy events in Europe, bringing together an array of European ministers, commissioners and leading European business stakeholders each year. This year’s EBS session gathered 2,400 participants, 150 speakers, 50 sessions and 200 reporters over two days to discuss the current challenges, trends and opportunities for business growth in Europe.

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